Division of community ophthalmology

At the UCSD Shiley Eye Institute

The Division of Community Ophthalmology at Shiley Eye Institute is dedicated to developing and implementing model programs that serve two diverse segments of San Diego’s population, our county’s preschool children and research. These unique programs have been embraced throughout the community and are improving the quality of life for thousands.

Bridging the academia/research-community divide

Our programs strive to address the needs of the most vulnerable. Our founding approach is population health medicine!

Our approach to population health allows us to see the bigger picture. For example, in our EyeMobile program, when we conduct our vision screenings in the classrooms, we want to screen all of the children regardless of race, gender, language, or need. This approach assists investigators conducting research that examines health determinants and health outcomes of entire populations to promote proactive disease prevention and management strategies at the community, health system, and health policy levels.

Our Programs

EyeMobile for Children

Launched in 1999, our program is the only one of its kind in San Diego! With the EyeMobile for Children program, we screen and care for vision disorders for thousands of young children who would not otherwise have access to this vital medical screening and care.

Community Research

Our team is responsible for clinical trials from initiation to completion for faculty at Shiley Eye Institute. Additionally, all UCSD departments can contract our services for trials they are hosting. We work with PIs and study coordinators to ensure their patients receive what they need clinically regarding the eyes and what their procedures call for.