Clinical Trials

Services Exclusively for Retinal Dystrophy Clinic

The community ophthalmology team provides the support to patients to extend their care to the community. We provide:

  • referrals to low vision services, hearing services, guide dog charities
  • assistance with applications to the Social Security Administration
  • applications for transport services
  • many more ways to improve the community care of those with loss of sight

Faculty we currently work with:
Dr. Catherine Liu, Dr. Don Kikkawa, Dr. Eric Nudleman, Dr. Weldon Haw, and Dr. Shyamanga Borooah

To see a list of all our current trials, click here.

Dr. Shyamanga Borooah is an adult and pediatric inherited retinal degeneration specialist. If you received our information after your exam with Dr. Shyamanga Borooah, please call our office to set up a time to speak with our community resource coordinator:
(858) 822-2585